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Cavin Richie

Born in 1950 in Ft. Collins Colorado , Cavin grew up in the Rocky Mountains. His love for wildlife was a natural reflection of his surroundings, a passion that has endured & fueled his desire to carve.

Cavinís main interest is natural history and his designs reflect this passion. Birds, mammals, and amphibians are well represented in his line of bronze castings. His castings are very accurate, detailed miniature bronze sculptures that can be worn.
The originals for Cavinís lost wax castings were first carved in shed elk antler or wooly mammoth ivory. Cavin has been carving in these mediums for the last 25 years as a production carver, creating original wildlife jewelry for galleries in the Northwest and Alaska.

His many years of devoted study both in field and office has made him quite adept at creating realistic poses of wildlife. His best carvings are selected for the bronze line.
Each carving is carefully molded to obtain waxes used in the lost wax process of casting. His current line of 250 nature images are available as pins, pendants, beaded necklaces, tacks, and earrings.

"I started casting silicon bronze in 1992 and have fallen in love with it. The dark earth tone of the metal is enhanced with a wide range of patinas that permanently hue it, creating colors usually only associated with large bronzes."
"I like the permanence the castings convey which is in sharp contrast to the current status of todayís wildlife."