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courtesy of owner Dave Bobb

Appraiser/ Owner Dave Bobb Specializing in historic American Indian baskets, rugs and weavings, David has twenty years of experience in the Native Arts field along with a diverse background including; a Masters Degree from Berkeley in Landscape Architecture; Ten years of Historic Restoration Contracting; Co-founder of the Sacramento River Preservation Trust; and currently, among other things, he is a Board member at the Center for the Study of First Americans at OSU in Corvallis Oregon.

We take consignments, buy, sell and trade the above items, so don't be shy to let us help you find a loving home for your historic goods. We are in contact with reliable buyers of Native American art, so if we can't buy your items ourselves, we probably know someone who can.

Please allow 14 days for the appraisal.
This free service is very popular, and Dave can only devote a limited amount of time each day to appraisals.

Please help us by describing the item(s) (please limit to 6) as well as you can. Give as much detail as you can. If you have pictures in JPG or GIF format, attach them below or you can e-mail them to us at or you can mail photos to:

American Trails, 975 Anderson Creek Rd. Talent, OR 97540

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