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Northwest Coast Jewelry -- Bracelets:

About the Artists

"All of us at the Metal Arts Group are grateful to the many accomplished artists who have contributed their work to help make our collection what it is today. During the past century some of our artist friends have passed on, but through our collection, their art continues to bring delight to those of us who continue to live and walk on this glorious planet. Their contributions will live on in American art culture for eternity."

Richard Dalton III

Richard Dalton III is originally from Hoonah, Alaska. His heritage is half Tlingit Indian from Alaska and half Navajo from New Mexico. Mr. Dalton was born into the Raven moiety and of the T'akdeintaan clan, belonging to the Frog Clan. Most of Mr. Dalton's designs depict images of the Raven side of his heritage. Click here to view work by this artist.

Danny M. Dennis

Danny M. Dennis is a native Gitksan from the village of Kitwanga. From the Tsimshian tribe and self taught he has been producing Northwest Coast art since 1978 in a variety of media including metal, ivory and silk-screen prints in the Tlingit style. Click here to view work by this artist.

Kathleen Faulkner

Kathleen Faulkner is an accomplished jewelry artist living in Anacortes, Washington. Her TRAX line of animal track jewelry was first inspired while she was living in the wilderness of Alaska. Click here to view work by this artist.

Jeanne Gamble

Jeanne Gamble creates art that reflects the beauty and mystique of Native Alaska. An adopted Tlingit of the Dog Salmon Crest of the Raven Clan, Ms. Gamble strives to show the strength, grace and pride she sees in the native culture that surrounds her. Click here to view work by this artist.

Everett Goenett

Everett Goenett was a Tlingit artist. He was influenced by other great Northwest Coast native artists such as Odin Lonning. Mr. Goenett was an accomplished wood carver of totem poles and masks. He passed away in 1994, but his spirit lives on through our collection. Click here to view work by this artist.

Barry Herem

Barry Herem is a pioneering artist and best selling author who has worked in the Haida style for many years. He has studied under Bill Holm at the University of Washington and is a highly sought after lecturer and literary reviewer of Northwest Coast native art. An unofficial ethnographer and archaeologist of the Tlingit and Haida in Southeastern Alaska, Mr. Herem's commissioned sculptures stand in many cities throughout the world. Click here to view work by this artist.

Odin Lonning

Odin Lonning is a Tlingit native of Juneau, Alaska and has been influenced by other great local artists such as Amos Wallace. Mr. Lonning also works extensively with wood carvings, totem poles and masks. Click here to view work by this artist.

Jan Miller

Jan Miller is a talented nature artist with extensive credentials including a B.S. degree in Biology/Chemistry from Western Washington University, and a certificate for Scientific illustration from the University of Washington. Ms. Miller has illustrated numerous books and is considered one of the nation's top Natural Science Artists. Click here to view work by this artist.

Amos Wallace

Amos Wallace, noted Tlingit carver and member of the Raven Clan, started carving in 1938 at the age of 18. He has carved many totem poles that still stand today at museums across the United States. For the past Mr. Wallace has served as president-elect of the Alaska Native Arts and Craft Association and still works in many mediums including silver, prints and wood. Mr. Wallace is one of the most prolific and famous Alaskan artists living. Click here to view work by this artist. Contact Us Secure Shopping View Cart