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About Brooke Stone
Animal Totem Jewelry

If you would like to receive information on Brooke Stone pieces
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Brooke Stone & Jim Clement

Brooke Stone & Co.

"Our art grows out of our deep appreciation for nature & its processes. Animals of the wild have worked their way into our lives through legend, myth & symbol, connecting us to the Sacred Environment, reminding us of our mutual tie with the earth and our interdependence with all other life-forms."

"People ask me what my jewelry means. I tell them the idea is very simple. Each piece of jewelry tells a story about an animal. Each story describes the animal's place in its environment, its place in the great wheel-of-life, or its meaning to us as humans through mythological imagery. Each charm represents an element in the animal's eco-system." (view more Brooke Stone jewelry)

How is the jewelry made?

"Fine materials, precise workmanship, scrupulous attention to detail, & imaginative composition of natural & animal world imagery. These are the signature features of all Brooke Stone & Co. jewelry."

Brooke Stone & Jim Clement combine several processes to make their jewelry: "the base-building process for most pieces is the ancient metal art of lost wax casting."

"A wax model is carved & encased in a mold. In a kiln the mold is slowly brought up to a read heat, evaporating the wax & leaving the mold's impression inside. Molten metal is injected into the cavity by centrifuging. Each piece is individually "cleaned." A series of hand-grinding & hand-polishing processes preserve fine detail & texture. Then metal fabrication (shaping & fastening metal directly) is used for compositional additions."

"Gold, silver, bronze & copper (both cast & fabricated), wire and stone are incorporated into the work as well as a variety of organic materials such as wood, bone, fossil tooth, horn & shell. Brooke cuts her own stones from her native Oregon jaspers & agates, along with rocks from all over the world."

"Everythings comes together perfectly to give this jewelry a special patina of visual richness and meaning."

(See an interview with Brooke in REAL PLAYER)

Because Brooke Stone & Jim Clement are the only artists working on this amazing jewelry, the number of pieces that we are able to carry is limited. If you would like to receive information on Brooke Stone pieces as we get them in stock or be notified of any new jewelry designs,
please fill out the email form below.

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